Instruments of Sacrifice: Time Passers by Lydia Redwine

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Ilea Sukarno is cursed with immortality.

For the past three hundred years, she has been the sole protector of the world’s most powerful magical artifact: the Crown of Caelae.

When she is led into the kingdom of Perez in chains by the desert’s most notorious assassins, her Crown is taken from her and getting it back will be no easy task.
In her efforts to get her Crown back and escape Perez, Ilea sets out to free those enslaved within the dark and treacherous kingdom.

Her quest does not go as planned, however, when she crosses paths with her oldest enemy, the youngest son and daughter of the ruling family, Perez’s once most wanted criminal, her own past, and her own god Elyon, who is unleashing plagues that will leave Perez – and its people – broken forever.


This is a 6x9 inch paperback or hardcover book with a matte finishing, cream paper, and a black and white interior. This item will not be available until July 13th, 2024 upon which any items purchased will be shipped with tracking.