Services and Rates


Are you looking to have your book professionally edited or written? In addition to the multiple works I have edited and beta read, I have also ghostwritten over twenty bestselling books in the past two years.

Prices vary based on what stage your book is in or what exactly you are looking for help with. Packages listed below are guides but can be negotiated. To learn more or ask questions, contact me via my contact form. 




Developmental Edit with Rewrites (0.03/per word) 80,000 word book = $2,400

Copy/line edit (0.020/per word) 80,000 word book = $1,600

Proofread (0.015/per word) 80,000 word book = $1,200




Do you already have an outline for your book or parts of it written? Finish writing outlined or partially written book price: 0.05/per word. 80,000 word book = $4,000

Do you have a partially written outline and nothing written? Same cost as the first package (0.05/per word) with additional payment at the same price for any outlining I will do. 80,000 word book = $4,000 plus outline word count. 

Starting from scratch? Have an idea and want me to outline and write it for you? Contact for a personalized rate. 

Writing a memoir? That's $25 minimum hourly rate for all interviews on top of personalized rate per word. 

Don't see a package that represents where you are at? Feel free to contact me for a personalized rate. 




Q: How do I know you are a good writer if you can't tell me what books you have ghostwritten? 

A: A perfectly acceptable question to ask. I will edit a free sample for you up to 3,000 words or I will ghostwrite a free sample for you up to 1,000 words. 


Q: Will you sign an NDA? (None Disclosure Agreement)

A: Yes, after reviewing its contents and making sure it is up to industry standards. 


Q: Do you work for royalties on a published book?

A: Only if the client already has a book deal with a publisher. If not, which is more often the case, I only accept payment before/during the writing process of writing/editing the book. 


Q: Are there contracts involved? 

A: There will probably be an NDA involved as well as a contract written up by me outlining the submission and payment process. I will write a contract based on your timeline needs. 


Q: What genres do you write in?

A: I write in most genres excluding erotica, horror, and some sub categories of mystery. I will also not write any business, health, medical, or any other nonfiction book unless it is a memoir or poetry. 


Q: What tools and software do you use?

A: I use Word or Google Docs for writing and editing. 


Q: Do you offer formatting services for Kindle and ebook?

A: No, only writing and editing. 


Q: How do I get answers to a question I don't see asked here?

A: Feel free to contact me via my contact form with your questions. 


Q: What is the first thing we do if I want to hire you?

A: We can set up a time for a phone or zoom call to discuss a contract, your needs, and where to go from there. Not every writing/editing process fits every author. We will work together according to where you are at in your book creating process! 


Portfolio of Published Works I have Edited or Beta Read: 


Middle Grade Historic Fiction: 

When War Knocks by Kristine Anderson 



After Him, Over, and In Between by Elia Norina 

a complete work in progress by Nia Mahmud 

Redemption by Natalia Duchbaj 



End Man by Alex Austin 

The Manhattan Swindle by Jay Perin

The Cuban Gambit by Jay Perin 



The Return of Dragons by R.R. Harper

Seed Among the Thorns by Morgan Lee

Akayama Danjay by Ted Tinker



The Devil in Quarantine by J.F. Gay 

Everything He Isn't by Lauren Stewart

Journey to the Light by Juliet Inforatzo 

Grant Park by Paul Teresi 



Yes And (Ish) by Paul Teresi 


Literary Fiction: 

Bandage My Wounds Bite Off My Tongue by Robert Edmondson 



The Case of the Ghost of Christmas Morning by PJ Fitzsimmons 



Life Flashes by Merrie H. Reagan 



Issues of The Restoration Herald magazine by The Christian Restoration Association