No More Social Media?

Hello readers, 

I've been experimenting lately with my relationship with social media. With Instagram and TikTok specifically. I have a love/hate relationship with it because on one hand, I have met some of the best people in my life through social media and a mutual love for books, poetry, art, and whatever else I yell about. (like Lorde today. Happy Solar Power day everyone.) On the other hand, I scroll too often. I'm embarrassed by my screen time. I hear people saying all the time that deleting your social media will be the best thing you ever did. I like not comparing myself in a harmful way. I like that I have to actively find dopamine through reading, going outside, cooking, painting, or whatever else instead of through likes and such. This isn't a goodbye to social media because I love the inspiration I get from it and the relationships I have formed. I love talking to all of you in my DM's. When I'm away from social media I miss you. 

But I've been thinking about moving away from it more. 

For a while now, I've been taking Sunday's off. No work. No social media. Naps in the warm afternoon. Lots of reading. Being with people I love. Letting go of an obsession with productivity. It's helped me reframe what rest and productivity means to me and how to seek validation in healthy ways - which normally means validating others first. Recently, I started taking several days in a row off social media. It's done me wonders. I'm outside more and drinking more water. I've read two books every week for three weeks. I deleted social media from my phone and only access Instagram from my laptop unless I want to post. 

I've been thinking about moving more of my content over to this email community and to my blog. What I'm afraid of is people not following me or not reading what I send out because it is too long and we live in a world where scrolling is habitual. We want to take information in quickly, react, and move on. That mentality has made me unhappy as of late. I don't want it anymore. 

So, please reply to this if you feel you want to. Let me know what you think. I love replying to all of you. 

With all of that being said, moving what I post on Instagram to here and to my blog will change the content of these emails a bit. I started this mailing list for anyone interested in my fantasy series. But I am also interested in poetry and art and I take a lot of random pictures. So maybe if you came here for Spirit Followers this won't really be your thing anymore and that's okay but anyone who wants to stay, I'd be happy to have you. 

I've been inspired by a couple of other people recently who send out beautiful, long, detailed newsletters. They're so enjoyable to read and make me really sit and soak. I love doing that. The first is Regan Noelle Smith. She is a friend of mine and a poet out of Columbus, Ohio. Her new poetry book will be out this fall and her newsletters, which come out every Monday, are perfect for a quiet reflection. It is a great way to start Monday if you ask me. The other is artlifeofgabrielle. It's like a weekly vlog but in email form with delicious descriptions of her life and pictures to go along with it. I feel like I'm right there with her while I read it and it makes me excited about my own life. You can subscribe to them at the links below if you are interested. 


That's all for now. I'm listening to Solar Power right now and I want to make art. I hope you make something good for yourself today whether that's a smoothie or a meal or a cup of coffee or a painting or just a moment in the sun. 

Much love,